Involved Constituency

The IFIF stakeholders are the Irish Government agencies, Irish Industries and academia .

Irish National IPv6 Centre established through the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources (DCENR)

The Irish Security Research Network (Serenity) was established by Enterprise Ireland and works in cooperation with Invest NI to promote the FP7 Security programme on the island of Ireland. The network currently has 547 participants with approximately 250 from industry, 192 from academia and 105 others (including civil servants; industrial development agencies; police/end-users; industrial associations; lobby groups; etc). It is an all-island network with 35 participants from Northern Ireland. The industry breakdown is that 201 participants are from SMEs with the balance of 49 employed by large industry (IBM Ireland, Intel, etc). Many of the SMEs are IT oriented. The Network provides information, facilitates meetings and generally promotes the civil security R&D agenda in Ireland. The potential to develop a viable commercial security sector is being actively pursued. An important new initiative associated with the network is the creation of the Centre for Irish and European Security with particularly emphasis on the security R&D agenda.