Future Internet - Prague 2009

Prague - 10/05/2009

The Future of the Internet Conference aims to review the strategic orientations and trends governing the future societal and economic developments of on-line Internet and Mobile societies and to present interesting ideas and projects in this area. For more information, see here

Irish IPv6 Summit

Dublin - 28/01/2009

Ireland's IPv6 Task Force organised and hosted an all-day event in Dublin Castle on Wednesday 28th January 2009. Over 150 delegates attended the event including those responsible for communications policy in the public and private sectors, managers and technical staff, academics and telecommunications operators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

The aim of the event was to raise awareness in the Irish private and public sectors about the need for immediate IPv6 deployment, and issues around such deployment.

The programme included an experienced panel of speakers with extensive expertise in these issues who represented a range of relevant perspectives. The talks did discuss opening problems with IPv6 and with IPv6 deployment, rather than skirt around them, but the overall message was still clear: no alternative to IPv6 is able to emerge in the short time frame we have before the current IPv4-based Internet starts to feel some real growing pains due to the depletion of the address space. For more information see here

Irish Future Internet Forum 2008

Dublin - 29/10/2008

The event featured a number of keynote presentations from internationally renowned speakers, including a talk from Rainer Zimmermann, Head of Unit "Future Networks", European Commission, DG Information Society and Media (DG-INFSO).

The context was the EU funded research initiatives designed to progress the agenda of the Future Internet, both in the "Future Networks" unit of DG-INFSO, and in related research and development activities. These are currently gathered under the umbrella of the European portal site.